US T28/T95 GMC

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  1. I'm looking to find out what it would take to have a 15 mm scale (1/100) model of this vehicle made. Tired of being destroyed by it in World of Tanks (smile).

    Below is a site showing the vehicle

    Could it be created for a reasonable cost? What?

    Could it be physically made for a resonable cost? What?

    Am I better off learning how to create than hire someone?


  2. TechyBen
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    If you can download the file from the link you posted, you may be able to adapt it to a solid that can be printed. Have you tried any of the tools available on the instruction sections of the forums?
  3. Modelsbymarsden
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    At that scale you will have to simplify it a lot, most of the thinner, delicate parts such as the machine gun on top and all those bits on the side will have to be done away with or just made a bit thicker than the scale.
  4. TechyBen
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    Yes, I agree with that, especially if being made small. I you still wish to model them, you would probably have to do it by hand with something like piano wire or another material (I use to use small plastic rods bought from the hobby store).
  5. Modelsbymarsden
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    Or you could have them lasercut, better yet would be brass etching as you can get some real delicate pieces done this way.
  6. Reidh
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    The site that you have a link to, only charges you 35 USD to download the entire 3d model in even .3ds format.. then you do that and simply upload that same model to Shapeways upload site according to their specs ( about which you can inquire before you buy the model ) tell them the size you want and voila! your model at cost. It would really be prohibitively expensive for you to pay to have that model built over from scratch. And you can make as many shapeway models as you can sell too. :eek: :eek: :D
  7. TechyBen
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    AFAIK the Shapeways uploader may reject the model for being too detailed. So it may not be possible to upload the original with so many small details.