urgent wall thickness fix needed, will pay!

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  1. bellaclava
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    Hi, I have a design that has just been rejected - need help from someone to fix errors with wall thickness. want to resubmit this design today, can pay $30 for a quick fix!

    Please email me: ariellefalk@gmail.com

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  2. stop4stuff
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  3. bellaclava
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  4. stop4stuff
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    The root of every petal/leaf will need thicknening upto to maybe 1 - 1.3mm, and with the physical texture of the surface, that's not a job for me, sorry.

  5. bellaclava
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  6. elopez3d
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    Hello Bella,

    If your still in need of assistance I can get this completed for tomorrow.
    Send me a PM and we can talk details.

  7. hadriya9091
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    On the two shell pendant, you could add a stem that attaches from the head to the ring, and the bottom to the ring.
    Another route would be going the relief way. I think if you add a bevel, like the edge of a coin it would take away from the cheap look. :eek: