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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by dadrummond, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. dadrummond
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    Per typical e-commerce practice (cf. Amazon's "where's my stuff"), SW should post the UPS tracking number on the corresponding invoice page as soon as that number is available. Presently the number comes only by email.

    Thanks for listening!
  2. robert
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    Hi dadrummond,

    Yes, this will come somewhere in the beginning of 2010.

    Best regards,

  3. dadrummond
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    Thank you! That's great.

    A follow-up question: Today I received an email saying "Your model has been shipped" announcing that my model "is now being placed in a snug UPS box and is going to start its journey around the world to your customer!"

    Now, I happen to know that the customer is me. (In fact, I placed the order the day before I opened my shop. I understand that SW is now going to send me "shop-owner" style emails; that's fine.) But I haven't received the usual notification from UPS that I have a package coming from SW.

    This series of events raises a few questions. 1) What does it mean when the email says "Your model has been shipped"? That it has been picked up by UPS? That it is in a box, waiting to be picked up? If my boss tells me to ship a package, and I say it's been shipped before the shipping company actually has it, well... 2) Who gets notified of shipping first, the seller, or the customer?

    My opinion (thanks for asking!) is, first, that the "Your model has been shipped" email should be sent after UPS picks up the package. The text of the email should say " now snug in a UPS box" rather than "is now being placed in a snug UPS box".

    Second, the customer should be notified of shipping before the seller. This is a good way to avoid situations where the customer asks, "where's my model!", the seller says, "it's been shipped," and the customer says, "no it hasn't, i haven't received a shipping notification." It's much better that the seller know that he never gets a shipping notice until the customer has gotten the same notice.

    Finally, I'd like the site to recognize that I'm the shop owner. In that case, it should a) send me emails like I'm the customer, and not make me think that I'm actually shipping a model to another customer, and b) not charge me my own markup, since that money in principle is going straight back to me.

    Again, thanks for listening, and thanks for the quick response to the tracking number request.
  4. robert
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    Hi dadrummond,

    You should have received an UPS shipment notification including trackingnumber from us. Normally you would get that before you get the shipped email from us. Maybe there is hickup in UPS email system. If you have not received it yet today please let CS know and they will help you.

    Thanks for the other feedback. I will forward it internally. I can tell you that the feature "no markup when buying from your own shop" is also coming.


  5. dadrummond
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    Thanks Robert. Yep, still no word from UPS, so I sent a mail to CS, and they sent along the tracking number. So excited about the model!
  6. RalphVdB
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    Hi Allan,

    contacted you via email about this ;)
  7. dadrummond
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    Thanks all. Both my question about this specific order, and the broader questions about SW's standard operating procedures, have been addressed in a completely satisfying way. Cheers!