Ups Innovations Has Got To Go!

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    My package was transfered to USPS on April 18 but USPS says its still waiting for it 9 days later so I guess its lost ? Who do I contact about this ? 92748963438542543403626582 tracking number
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    It has multiple items in it.
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    My package arrived at my local post office on Friday July 31.
    Great they will deliver it Saturday....nope.
    Well maybe Monday....nope.
    Surely by today, Tuesday.....nope.
    It is still sitting at the post office with "acceptance pending"

    Shapeways, you get a product out early and your customer service is top notch. Then you hand it over to UPS MI and they F it up. Your choice of shipping is a blemish on you.
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    You might want to edit that... this is only August 4th! Maybe you meant July 31st?

    The problem is possibly not so much UPS Mail Innovations or the USPS, but the general industry of shipping.

    I have a similar problem with an item ordered via Amazon on June 4th. I knew there was a long lead time and so the "Estimated Delivery Date" of July 13 to 28 was not a problem for me. They charged my credit card on July 17 and the tracking info indicated that it was shipped on that date, too. The Estimated Delivery Date changed to July 28 and it indicated that it was shipped via UPS. But the tracking number it gave was definitely NOT a UPS number. The 28th rolled around and it didn't show up. The tracking info changed to "Oops! we missed the delivery date, it will be delivered tomorrow." No it wasn't. The tracking info then change to "If it does not show up by August 1st contact us for either confirming you still want the item or a refund. I sent an e-mail to the tracking info company ("WISHEKS"). They responded very apologetic about how the manufacturer is running 50 days behind and they admitted that the tracking number was entered in error. They said they would look to see if the item manufacturing can be stopped in time to cancel the order. That is the last I have heard from them.

    The problem is that humans are not involved at all. Some computer program is making guesses as to where the item is. The guesses are refined if some scanner someplace reports the location of the item, but if the scan is lost or just does not occur, the software advances the tracking info as if the item is on schedule.

    Your package has been in the hands of UPS and the tracking software as guessed that it must have made it to the US Post Office by now, so it says so, without any hard evidence that it has actually done so. The US Post Office only knows that UPS has guessed it was delivered but has not received any scans that match the item, so they are still "Pending".

    If you have tracked packages in the past you will note that the tracking info only states when it has arrived some place and when it has left... but upon leaving it does not tell you where it is going. It could be destined for your city or it could be on the way to Timbuktu.

    I once bought a 3ft tall porcelain doll in Florida and shipped it via UPS to my home in Iowa. I tracked it as it "left" Orlando, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Memphis, Atlanta, Dallas, Atlanta, Memphis, Atlanta, Chicago, Des Moines, and then was "Out For Delivery" to my house, only to then be tracked leaving Chicago again, then Des Moines and then again "Out For Delivery" and I got it late the NEXT day. In Two weeks that doll traveled more than I have in 74 years! I think both of the "Out For Delivery" lines were outright lies, based simply on "That is where it is supposed to be" on the part of the tracking software.

    I have had similar experiences with FedEx and DHL as well as items shipped by USPS only. They all need to dispense with the Guess portion of the software and only report location scans.
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    That's funny right there.

    Edited my post, hard to keep track of months this year.

    This has been one of the worst shipping experiences. It arrived at the first stop and then disappeared for days, no departure scan. Then it magically arrived in my city and was dropped off, supposedly at the USPS local post office where it remains, maybe I guess.

    I have never had too many problems with UPS or the USPS but together it just does not work. Give me a fedex option and I'd be happy.