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  1. Ayewondery
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    Where can someone found out about all these fees customs import duty etc that keeps being mentiond here? Is there some kind of chart that at least gives one some kind of idea?

    read a forum note and it said that they paid $58 on an order that was only $55 that is very stiff and makes ordering hard if the fees come out to $3.00 to every $ 1 .

    Or do I just miss understand this?
  2. stop4stuff
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    Ayewondery, if you are in a country within the European Union member countried, you will pay Netherlands VAT as part of the model (inc delivery) price. If you're not in the EU, you will pay local (country) duties as well as UPS hanling fess with additional local taxes. Your best bet is to contact your local UPS office and ask for a costings breakdown.

  3. Ayewondery
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    Thanks for the reply

    Getting things shipped from state to state in the USA is different than shipping back and forth to other country like where 'Shapeways' is located.

    want to try and cover all the bases and avoid any surprises using this service.
  4. pete
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    import duties and handling fees to the US should be small compared to your order. Unfortunately the countries most affected at the moment are Brasil and Switzerland.

    best regards,
  5. Ayewondery
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    Hi Pete

    Thanks for the answer.

    Wanted to know ahead of time if the 'UPS Driver ' asked for payment their is a reason for it not some kind of off the cuff scam like the others running through here at the moment.

    Just to be clear about this
    1) Shapeways charge [ handeling the model]
    2) material charge [wsf,sandstone,steel,etc]
    3) printing
    4) shipping

    other fees by UPS

    Did i miss anything?
  6. pete
    pete Shapeways Employee CEO & Co-Founder
    Ok - yes you seem to have it covered although

    1-4 are one item paid to Shapeways.

    5 could be import duties - depends on whether they inspect your package - assume they do. Should be around 10-20%
  7. stop4stuff
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    Don't forget UPS handling fees and local taxes, Pete... local UPS office will have all the figures ;)