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    As I put in the title, I need some info, is there a way around the ungodly fee's UPS forces on us? I have had heard nothing but negatives for my local UPS office, can I have the item sent to someone else who could send it to me via regular postal service?

    Also why in the world is UPS the only shipping option for SW? I don't have a credit card and neither does my parents (bad credit when they were younger sadly) so what am I supposed to do now that the local UPS only takes payment via credit card?

    I was really excited for my first order, but after seeing how SW deals with shipping I have to say that it has really killed the experience for me. I'm not a small business and as it is I have fairly limited fundings, the last thing I need is to pay 60-70$ for a 50$ item.

    SW should really really get on this issue as it is a deal killer for me (and I'm sure a few other) less than financially stable individuals.
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    I hear your pain. I'm in Canada too and have voiced this opinion many times here. I'm sick of UPS. They used to accept cash at the door but no longer. Now it's credit card only. I'm not sure why you're being charged $60-70 for a $50 item. What I'm finding is a minimum brokerage fee of $10 plus taxes on top of that. My usual cost on $25 or less orders is about $14.

    I ordered something from another company in the US recently and they charged me $17 to send it via UPS. Once at the door UPS wanted ANOTHER $17. And this was for a 200grm package worth $40! So I spent $34 total for shipping! I now actively search for companies that will mail via postal service even if the actual product might cost more.

    Here's another thing I just discovered: I recently dealt with a company here in Canada that sent a $3700 product via UPS to an apartment building in Toronto. There was no answer at the apartment so what did the UPS guy do? He simply left it in the lobby for anyone to pick up. No signature. What happened? It disappeared! And on top of that it was ordered with a stolen credit card!

    I have not confirmed this with UPS but many people have told me that the company has now instituted a no-signature-required policy for drop-off. So what is the point of using a courier company!!

    PLEASE, Shapeways, give us another option for delivery !! For me this is my top priority in continuing to order here.

    ... or perhaps I will move to Australia where you can have an order of up to $1000 before you get charged at the door!