Uploading Multiple Part Models

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  1. jvpiteo
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    This may seem obvious to some, but it took me a while to figure out, so I figured I'd post it. If you want to sell a kit (i.e. a product with multiple independent parts) don't upload STL files because you can't kit them in the software. Instead export and upload the whole assembly as a file format that will put the many parts in one file, such as COLLADA.
  2. stonysmith
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    What do you mean "can't kit them in the software"? I upload STLs all the time with multiple shells.
  3. jvpiteo
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    You can't (at least I could find) a way to upload multiple files and then tell ShapeWays that all the parts went together in one kit. The CAD software I'm using (OnShape) doesn't export multiple bodies into one STL file, it makes a ZIP. That was why it wasn't obvious.
  4. draw
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    Not sure about OnShape but in most 3D editors you can at least copy and paste one STL shell into another file, leaving you with two or more shells. Or use copy and paste within a file to create a duplicate stl shell so you have two identical shells in the same file. That's quite a bit different than exporting to a file format.

    Maybe you have a menu option like "import" or "import and append" to get shells from another file into your multiple part file? OnShape looks like it's a multi-contributor software package. There must be a mechanism to be able to have designs from multiple project contributors be assembled into one master file.
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