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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by mcircosta, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. mcircosta
    mcircosta New Member
    I just tried uploading some of my files to compare this service with the other prototypers that I currently use.

    Overall it has been pretty painless and I'm really excited about it.

    My one complaint at this point would be the need to upload every part of an assembly seperately.

    It would be much more convenient to combine all of the *.stl files into one *.zip, and then add descriptive text for each of the files after uploading.

    This is how files are uploaded to other prototyping houses and it saves a lot of time.
  2. jochem
    jochem New Member
    Thanks for the feedback, mcircosta. It's an interesting idea for heavy users.


  3. svenpb
    svenpb New Member
    It is also possible to put all your items in a single STL file, right?

    I found this in an other thread:

  4. mcircosta
    mcircosta New Member
    This is a good solution most of the time but it still has some issues.

    I tend to select different materials for the components in my assemblies. Some parts require SLS nylon to withstand impact or temperature, while the aesthetic components are SLA.

    Its also common to order duplicates of delicate parts. which would require adding them into the assembly before uploading.

    I really like making these selections within the current interface. It really helps me think about all of the parts.

    Putting all of the components into one STL file would make these different selections hard to keep track of.

  5. Dalhimar
    Dalhimar New Member
    This could also be solved by a simple Batch uploader, after selecting the original file to upload, it ask below the file location feild if you would like to select more files to upload, and if you click yes it opens several more file feilds. At least this and the .zip are the usual ways for batch uploads, but the .zip might place more strain as it would have to decompress the files beforehand.