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Discussion in 'Technologies and Hardware' started by Indy, Jul 28, 2008.

  1. Indy
    Indy New Member
    Hi, first of all let me thank you for giving me the chance to join the shapeways beta program.

    I've uploaded a low poly mesh of a F1 Powerboat and subsequently placed an order. Should I receive an email before actually being able to order a printed model or has my model been autmatically validated for printing?
    Since I already placed the order I hope that once I'm able to do so, it means that the model has passed validation.
    I also have several other questions, that i should have asked before actually placing the order, but i was too excited over this service and i didn't tought about them.

    First of all when i preview the uploaded model online, i see the mesh rotated so that the top is actually bottom. Is this an issue? Will you be able to rotate the model before actually printing it, if you see that it can't be printed the way it is rotated now?

    Another question i have is about smoothing groups. In 3ds max i can control the way smoothing is applied to faces but once i exported the model, all the faces were set to smooth.
    Will smoothing groups affect the quality of the printed model? It's not an issue at all when you deal with high poly models, but the hull I've submitted it's kinda low poly and I'm wondering how this will affect the printing procedure.

    I submitted this model just to test out the service with something fast that i would like to see printed, it's just for my own satisfaction and i don't mind if the printing result will not be perfect, I'm aware of the fact that a low poly model is not the best mesh to print and i plan to print more complex and accurate models in the near future.

    Thank you for your support

  2. bartv
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    Hey Indy!

    Once your model appears in 'My Designs', it has been validated and it's available for ordering. Simple objects can appear quickly, while complicated models (>100k faces) may take quite a bit longer for processing - sometimes up to a few hours.

    Other than an inconvenience for the preview, it's not an issue. Our operators will re-orient your model before printing so that it will give the best print result / strongest model. You don't have to worry about that.

    I've asked around for you and at this moment, we do not use smoothing group information. You'd better subdivide your model manually before uploading it to Shapeways.

    Cool - please share the result, even if it didn't work out the way you thought.


  3. Indy
    Indy New Member
    Thank you very much for your kind reply.
    Good to hear about smoothing groups, i thought so but i wasn't sure about it, so if the model looks a bit ugly because of wrong smoothing applied to it, it will still look fine when printed (at least i think so).
    Of course I'll share the results even though I'll be on holidays starting from next week and i won't be able to upload any feedback or pics of the model till the end of the month :(
    Thanks again,

  4. Barry_FM
    Barry_FM New Member
    Be careful: I am pretty sure that Smoothing Groups in 3ds Max do not affect the output of 3DPrinting in the least. They are a visual effect used for rendered output.

    Try this: Make a standard Sphere and set the Segments to 16. The edges of the sphere are totally rough, and yet because of smoothing the center is a nice flawless gradient. This is visual trickery and should not be relied on as a gauge for your printed output.

    To preview how smooth your model will be you need to be looking at the raw polygons or surfaces without any smoothing applied. Try setting the viewport render mode to 'Facets+Highlights' to get a better idea of your model resolution. If the model appears too rough in this view - it is very likely you will see the roughness in your final output.

    The only way to make the model 'smoother' is to add more faces/polys by subdividing.

    (...Unless the printers now have a mechanism built in to read the smoothing information and apply some smoothing internally before printing. I doubt it, but I am sure someone from shapeways can correct me here if I am wrong about the capabilities.)

    Good luck.
  5. bartv
    bartv New Member
    @Barry_FM: you're absolutely correct. Smoothing information is discarded by our process.


  6. Indy
    Indy New Member
    Ok, that's what i needed to know.
    Since my model was low poly bad smoothing information could negatively affect the printing process, if those informations were not discarded.
    It's clear that for a smoother outup more polygons on the model are neecessary.
    Thank you all :)