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  1. JohnHoworth1971
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    Hi, i am trying to upload a vrml file i have created i want to see what it looks like in full colour sandstone yet the model shows up as blue even though i added a multi sub object material with 4 diffrent colours to it in 3ds max when i xported it out to vrml, i have seen a tutorial on here that mentions to tick the has colour checkbox but when i upload it i only have an option for scale ?...
  2. mkroeker
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    Any checkboxes to tick can only be within your program. When you have a VRML or X3D file with associated textures,
    make sure that the .wrl or .x3d only has the filenames without any directory path or drive letter prepended (check with
    a text editor), and create a zip from the .wrl and texture files, all in the same folder, no subfolders, no other files).
    Then upload that single zip file. The static image that shapeways generates should always show the correct texture -
    the rotating view sometimes does (did?) not.
  3. JohnHoworth1971
    JohnHoworth1971 New Member
    Thanks for the reply but there was no textures involved other than the 4 arch and design material colours i added to the object using a multi sub object material and i never noticed no has colour tick box on the exporter, i will try it again later and also try and export it out as an x3d file see if that helps and see if i can update the exporters,
  4. JohnHoworth1971
    JohnHoworth1971 New Member
    I am still having no luck with this at all, i managed to get a multi sub object with 2 colours using the standard material uploaded but when i try with the arch and design materials it does not work so itried to bake the material out and still nothing, i have followed the tutorial on here for uploading with a texture map and i cannot even get that to display the uploaded texture either and i followed that word for word and have even named material and the rendered to texture image to the same as the vrml file i have no idea what i am doing wrong i create a box, apply a standard material with a texture and apply uvw map then use render to texture ticking projection mapping which renders out ok then i collapse the stack and export vrml out and zip the rendered texture and vrml onto here and it does not display my texture !!.....
  5. mkroeker
    mkroeker Well-Known Member
    I seem to remember there is/was a problem with transparent colors - if your arch and design materials have an alpha component in
    addition to the standard red/green/blue values, the shapeways software may be choking on that fourth number.
    For the texture mapping problem, can you attach a small example here ? (Have you checked your .wrl file in a text editor to make
    sure that the image file is actually mentioned somewhere, and referenced by name only without path or drive letter ?)
  6. JohnHoworth1971
    JohnHoworth1971 New Member
    Well for the arch design i have no transparancy set on them, and for the texture map i have just checked the vrml file in a text editor and i see no mention of the texture at all it say material Material then gives somes numbers out for the diffuse colour in curly braces..i will upload the zipped file i have just tried uploading.

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  7. mkroeker
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    Sorry, can't help with 3dsmax - but it sounds as if you had to tick/click/hit "apply texture" somewhere before exporting to VRML
    (replacing the Material node in your wrl with "texture ImageTexture {url ["ariel.jpg"]} sort of works, but probably does not give the result
    you want)
  8. JohnHoworth1971
    JohnHoworth1971 New Member
    Well thanks for the help anyway i will try replace the vrml text see what that does and look into the problem in 3ds max i have never really used render to texture feature that much or vrml export so will have to do some research into it...thanks anyway.
  9. JohnHoworth1971
    JohnHoworth1971 New Member
    Well i finally got round to fixing the problem seems i was exporting it out without applying the newly baked material to the model, i also found this youtube video very helpful for render to texture and exporting out to vrml also if anyone else comes across the same problems.

  10. paulelderdesign
    paulelderdesign New Member
    Well that vid helped although the guys voice sounded like he was going to cry after filming. Here is the result all colours :D