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  1. botumys
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    here is the message from you :

    We could not sucessfullly add your model 'bharkhar' to Shapeways. Your model has too many polygons for us to process it. Shapeways can accept models with a maximum of 500,000 polygons. If you reduce the number of polygons to below 500,000 you will be able to upload the model sucessfully. If you can, reduce the number of polygons to below 100,000, this way the model will process much faster.

    But the polycount on my model is lower than 500 k faces. Here is a screenshot:


    Can you help me?

    Size of the DAE file : 45.7M

    I upload it on my ftp, I can send you the direct link to test it if you want.
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    Hi Botumys,

    We are very interested in your model. If the polycount is below 500k this should not happen.

    If you can make it available, please let me know through a private message and we will investigate.

    Best regards,

  3. botumys
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    Pm sended :)
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