Updating a model that you already purchased

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    I purchased a model I uploaded, but then a few days later I made some small tweaks to it. Would the tweaks and changes be updated with the model that I have ordered? Or would it be too late in the process, and the shipment would only be the model before the tweaks?

    Thanks for any thoughts.

  2. stonysmith
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    The current copy of the file as of the moment you click "Purchase" is used for your order.
    If you allow the order to go forward, it will be the "older" copy.
    If you wish, you can contact service@shapeways.com and ask them to cancel the order, then purchase it again once they do.

    Just remember that the Custsomer Service team works in the NL, so sometimes it takes a while fro them to respond, depending upon what time zone you are in.
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