Update To Fine Detail Plastic Design Guidelines

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    Hi everyone, we have some updates regarding the design guidelines for Fine Detail Plastic.

    The more we print, the more knowledgeable we become about best practices when designing for 3D printing. We hope these changes will help ensure you receive the best quality prints from every model you purchase. All changes are reflected in the Fine Detail Plastic design guidelines.

    The biggest change for Fine Detail Plastic is the updated bounding box restriction. A very small number of models will be impacted by this update.

    New maximum bounding box:
    Smooth: 282 x 181 x 150 mm
    Smoothest: 282 x 181 x 100 mm
    (X x Y x Z when ordered with user-set orientation)

    Why? We have noticed that as the build height increases, quality and reliability decreases, which can lead to defective parts and longer lead times. For the past several months, due to these challenges, some tall models have been rejected even though they fit inside the old bounding box. We understand rejections can be frustrating so we hope these changes will ensure your models are printable everly time.

    All other updates will not impact whether or not you can select Fine Detail Plastic for your model although your model may be rejected and your order may be canceled if it does not meet the posted guidelines. For example, models with hollow cavities must now have two escape holes to ensure we can thoroughly clean support wax from the part. A part with less than two escape holes is still printable, although since we cannot guarantee all wax will be removed from the part, your model may be rejected.

    If your model doesn’t meet the guidelines, we recommend selecting PITA (Print it Anyway) at checkout to ensure your model isn’t rejected but you will accept the risk that the final product may not meet our typical quality standards. Learn more about PITA here.

    Please review the updated guidelines and make any necessary adjustments to new designs you’re working on.

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