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  1. bgeorgakas
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    Hey All -

    Today we want to announce some updates to our material guidelines for Black High Definition Acrylate.

    We launched this material a little over a year ago while continuously learning its capabilities and limitations. From these learnings, we are making the following changes to our material guidelines:
    1. Minimum Wall Thickness

    We found that warping is very likely when walls are below these new guidelines. This will not be an automatic rejection. Our production planners will evaluate these on a case by case basis, but the majority of models require walls at least 0.6 mm thickness if supported and 0.7 mm if unsupported.

    2. Maximum Bounding Box

    Unfortunately, we need to decrease our bounding box slightly. We thought that we could use the entire build space in our machines. However, over time, we realized that due to the extra space needed for support material, we cannot use the entire height of the build space. Models over 160 mm in any dimension tend to fail since they are so close to our cut-off height.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope that it will better guide you in designing successful products.
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  2. fx
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    "Wire" or "walls"?
  3. bgeorgakas
    bgeorgakas Shapeways Employee Product Team
    Walls. My mistake here. I edited the original post to avoid confusion.
  4. czhunter
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    Ok, some of bigger models (H0 trains) were much cheaper in BHDA then in FUD and had better quality (smaller stepping, no wax, no cleaning etc.)
    Now you've solved this "problem"by shrinking the bounding box of BHDA.

    Smart move there. Maybe.

    There will be zero tolerance? Even 161 mm is not possible?
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