Unstoppable cyborg seeking dance master

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  1. ibot
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    I want to make a new drehkino disk and want the walking man to dance. I played around with some motion capture files but did not succeed. The main problem is to find a sequence that accurately cycles.

    Please take the initial model because it is printable and I could imagine he can be a cool dancer and for the effect of "I have seen this guy before". The blend file with the walk-animation is here (meshtest3.zip). I modified it to be printable by pulling him mittens on. Please take this model.

    The animation should consist of 30-40 frames, and must be a clean cycle.

    The sequence should contain 2 moves, eg left leg, right leg. This is because if the disk is spinning at 60 rounds per minute it is 30 fps then we have 2 moves per second and he dances to music with 120 beats per minute.

    Do not make him to jumpy, he is still the unstoppable cyborg and needs at minimum one foot on the ground. But anyway the whole body should be in motion. The next disk I want to try without support pins (forum).

    Here is a list of videos of dance styles I was thinking of, feel free
    to make your own suggestions:

    youtube link 1
    youtube link 2
    youtube link 3

    Your animation and the resulting blender file should be made freely available, means CC-0 or CC-BY license.

    It is very important, if you like to do it, please first contact me (PM here or info@drehkino.de)! I can not offer more than a completely assembled drehkino v2 including the new disk.

    Best regards
  2. LKmedia
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    I would like to give it a try, though I cannot handle .blend-files. You might want to consider exporting the initial model into a more common format like 3DS for use in various other programs.
  3. ibot
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    LKmedia, I can export the model to 3ds with blender, but unfortunately after re-importing the rig and the animation is gone, see for yourself here: meshtest3-3ds.zip
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