Unity 3d game - modelers Needed

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  1. ahmed1
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    I am looking for some modellers to model my Unity3d game (if you don't know it, check it up now). I am offering two options.
    Option 1:
    We pay you $20-40 for 3 Huge Maps, 3 rockets, 3 bombs. (compatible with Unity3d)
    Option 2:
    We give you a percentage of the money from our game but you need to give us as much models as we what (don't worry it won't be a lot because it's a iPhone game).
    To contact me please add my Skype name is: alduridi
    My email is: alduridi@hotmail.co.uk but I don't reply fast so it's better to Skype me :)
    Thank You,
    Ahmed – Dream Falcon Game Studios