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Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by cuse, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. cuse
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    hey people first pots int hese forums, i got very hooked when i found out about this website.

    but down to buisness, i sent ina model only to get an email back saying that i had deminsions of 0cm * 0cm *0cm

    to clear up any confusion i was hoping some could tell me what size i should use/have ect, here is a picture of the toon and you can see by teh scale window that he is roughy 18 units tall (so scaled down that would be 18 cm right? as stl makes things in mertrs)

    anyway, any help would be great, thanks guys and girls.


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  2. bartv
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    Hi cuse,

    there might be several issues, it would be easier to check it out if you would email me the .blend at service(at)shapeways(dot)com.

    About the units: it depends on the file format. If you choose STL you can indicate the unit when uploading. Let's say you choose millimeters; in that case 18 Blender units would translate to 18mm or 1.8cm. If you use meters it would translate to 18 meters, just *slightly* too large for our printers ;)


  3. Albinal
    Albinal New Member
    I too am confused about the units... I just uploaded an STL from
    Blender. I chose mms first but when it finished uploading it told me the dimensions were:

    Height 0.4 cm
    Width 0.7 cm
    Depth 1.0 cm

    This is really small!

    I chose inches and it told me the dimensions were:

    Height 10.3 cm
    Width 18.8 cm
    Depth 25.4 cm

    This is perfect as the model is just over 10 blender units high... not sure what 25cm depth is though?!?

    The only problem here is the price: $1800 !!! A little more than I was thinking of spending. :eek:

    The models are here:

    Also, how come he's lying flat on his face?
  4. Albinal
    Albinal New Member
    Hang on, hang on, hang on... I think the penny might just have dropped on this... I am thinking he's 10cm high which he is in Blender... but when I upload him he's lying flat on his face and is 10cm high from nose to back of head... 25cm deep is more likely how tall he is... ie pretty tall hence the $1800!

    How do I get him to come out standing up as I have calculated?!?
  5. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Hey Albinal,

    think about those dimensions as the size of the bounding box; different file formats and 3d apps seem to sometimes mix up the axes a bit so your object gets rotated (i.e. your height becomes our width etc), but don't worry - the printed object will have the right sizes.


  6. WetMorgoth
    WetMorgoth New Member
    The cost sounds about right for a model of that size if it is solid. We don't have tools that could do automated hollowing of your model right now. To really cut down on costs, you will want to see if you can hollow out the model in whatever tool you are using. Keep the thickness of the walls to about 2-3mm and it should cut that cost way down. However, even a 25cm high model will be quite expensive as that is a lot of material. As a rough guess, it will still come out to about $200-400 depending on compexity. You may want to scale it down a fair bit too. Normally a model around 10cm high will come out about $50-100 depending on how solid it is.