Unique Silicone Wristbands!!! Artist/Modeler needed

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    I am going to be producing silicone wristbands. The popular yellow "livestrong" wristband is an example of a silicone wristband, but my bands will be more detailed, involving more than simple text or logos.

    I need to find a Modeler who is also also a skilled artist.

    We will work together, starting with my (sometimes rough) conceptual drawings, to bring my ideas for unique silicone wristbands from concept, to 3D model, to actual production. Depending how business goes, this could be a long term relationship if you are willing.

    Please see the attached picture as an example of something we will be creating. I do not own the rights to any images posted and they are for demonstrative purposes only.

    If you are interested, please respond with some examples of your artwork and modeling of the same artwork.



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    I sent you a PM :)
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    Hi Joel,

    Please check out my PM.