Unicorn Pendant

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  1. KairiJewel
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    I wanted to create something that was customizable/changeable by the customer. I came up with this unicorn pendant. It is a plastic pendant that has holes along the top of unicorn's neck, where bits of yarn can be tied to give the unicorn a mane. What do you think?

    aY84A8298.jpg aY84A8419.jpg aY84A8491.jpg aY84A8521.jpg
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  2. Rob_T_Firefly
    Rob_T_Firefly Shapeways Employee Manufacturing
    I really like the design! It's a very clever idea, and a neat and simple way to add customizability.
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  3. Vortical
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    That's lovely. Is the term "high-touch" used in English? The Japanese would call it that I think.
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  4. KairiJewel
    KairiJewel Member
    Thank you! That's what I was going for. :D

    I haven't heard it used too much, but I really like the sentiment. Thank you very much! :cool: