Unexpected ridge on printed parts

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  1. fasaxc
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    Some of the models I recently had printed came with an unexpected ridge on some of the flat faces. Here's an example:


    The ridge doesn't appear in my original SketchUp file (which I exported to stl via the stl plugin) and I can't see it in the 3D render of my pieces: http://www.shapeways.com/model/411990/carcassonne_accessory_ pieces.html?gid=ug

    Overall, I can live with the defect but it'd be good to know if there's something wrong with the 3D model I made or whether I should expect that sort of defect even if the model was OK.


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  2. TomZ
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    This means that the flat face was printed at a slight angle to the build plate and it is a normal defect.
    This could be because the production people wrongly oriented the part but they usually shouldn't do that. It probably is because you drew the face a at a slight angle, try to check in your software that it is aligned with the axis system.
  3. fasaxc
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    Ah, that sounds plausible. The opposite side isn't 100% flat by design so if they oriented using that then it'd end up printed at a slight angle.