Unable To Get Tokens Via Shapeways Api Php Script

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    Hi There,

    I'm trying to use the official PHP getway script to access the API and get a token for my testing app. I've create a new app and tried to get access to it via API but this is what I got:

    Using consumer key :
    Consumer Key : X
    Consumer Key secret : Y
    To request a temporary request token.

    array(2) {
    string(49) "authentication_url=http://api.shapeways.com/login"
    string(142) "oauth_token=X&oauth_token_secret=Y&oauth_callback_confirmed=true"
    Received a temporary request token :
    Request token : X
    Request token secret : Y

    Next please authenticate yourself at http://api.shapeways.com/login?oauth_token=726fa5400a33864516f48c19dd1e07216600b3ae and collect the PIN for the next step.

    Pin: c57a6e

    Requesting an access token.
    array(7) {
    string(40) "f83ab75a6f7c86cc986dc7405b59206fec1dfefb"
    string(9) "HMAC-SHA1"
    string(3) "1.0"
    string(40) "726fa5400a33864516f48c19dd1e07216600b3ae"
    string(6) "c57a6e"
    string(283) "?oauth_consumer_key=X&oauth_signature_method=HMAC-SHA1&oauth_nonce=1471949144&oauth_timestamp=1471949144&oauth_version=1.0&oauth_token=726fa5400a33864516f48c19dd1e07216600b3ae&oauth_verifier=c57a6e&oauth_signature=NwCfoiwPsIOdjmv0S4ADzemjeOE%3D"
    array(1) {
    string(52) "{"result":"failure","reason":"Authentication Error"}"

    Received an access token :
    Access token :
    Access token secret :

    You can store these access token values in access_token.php for the other scripts to use.​

    Can you help me to find the error? It is also happening with our production account.
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