Tyranid Biomass Terrain Set

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  1. fiendheimstd
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    Fiendheim's Tyranid Biomass scenery, aimed to depict the tyranid's organic environment on an infestation tabletop or a hive fleet setup equally well.

    What is included in the set (all printable checked):
    • 3 separate models of spinal spires, remnants of gigantic creatures now absorbed in the biomass
    • 2 sizes of stinger nodes
    • 1 biomass spire with an elevated "platform"
    • 1 biomass ground patch with a vertical pore-like entrance
    • 1 biomass chitinous walkway-like structure (not in the picture), aimed to be used as a path to the elevated platform
    • 1 tile-like patch of ground biomass
    I can customize any of these nine models to fit your campaign's needs or to turn them into a specific fleet-themed scenery. I will be announcing any new model sets via a new thread here on the forums. PM me for specific requests or info.

    Thanks for your interest in our Tyranid Biomass terrain,

    PS: More Warhammer-specific scenery sets incoming soon!

    TyranidBiomass1.png TyranidBiomass2.png
  2. javelin98
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    Nice! What software do you use for your sculpting?
  3. fiendheimstd
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    Thank you, I use Blender, Sculptris and SculptGL. The later two for primals and basic sculpting, Blender for merging, finalizing the sculpt features and everything else. The programs are near excellent, my old pc is the limit. :)
  4. javelin98
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    Well, you're doing great work, regardless!