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Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by StuartWade, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. StuartWade
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    photo-1.jpeg photo.jpeg photo-2.jpeg

    After a lot of issues trying to get the model to print, im glad to finally have it in my hands.

    The quote was inspired by a poet's body of work, and the fact that it is never quite finished. I plan on hanging this in my work area in the studio, as a constant reminder that—as deadlines loom—we are never quite finished.

    Quite pleased with some of the details, though there were a few small issues. Clock parts fit pretty well into the back, so it functions quite well.

    Excuse the crumby cell phone pics, ill try and upload some better shots when i can.
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  2. carine
    carine New Member
    this is gorgeous! is it available for purchase?
  3. StuartWade
    StuartWade New Member
    No, not yet. I'd like to resolve a few of the issues before i make it publicly available.

    Though i might also just print them myself and try and sell them at a rediculous markup! :smug:
  4. carine
    carine New Member
    ha well let us know if we can help! it's a really cool design and I'd like to help promo once it's up and avail for sale.

    (i run marketing / pr for sw).
  5. virtox
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    Great model!
    I can imagine it to be very inspiring/motivating in the workspace!

    And I agree 100% with the motto! :nod:

  6. StuartWade
    StuartWade New Member
    DSC_0213-web.jpg DSC_0204-web.jpg Winner-web.jpg Better quality shots.
  7. Phxman
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    Love it!

    Keep us all advised.