Two-sided medal with image embossing

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  1. Jeavon24
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    Hi everyone,

    I would like to make a circular medal for a friend as a present, and I'm wondering if someone can help me model and produce it.

    Dimensions are 3 inches diameter and 0.25 inches at the thickest (the edge). It will also need a loop for the ribbon (not included in the measurements) - I don't know how big this loop needs to be though, probably 0.5-0.75in wide to accommodate a 1in-wide ribbon.

    Each side of the medal will have an image to be embossed (probably raised 0.05-0.1in) as well as engravings along the rim. I would like it to feel a bit like a real medal and so would prefer it made with steel, in gold colour. I will need it by 8 March, delivered to a UK address (or if it is more convenient/cheaper, I can nominate a US address).

    I have a JPEG showing the basic idea which I can send to a modeler interested in helping me out. Don't worry it is completely G-rated, it's just that it shows his face and name, and so I don't want to post it (in the off chance he sees it).

    Please PM me if you can help, and also if you can give me an idea of total cost (incl delivery) that would be fantastic.

    Thank you!
  2. philatkin
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    I've recently done one of these, I'll let you know how it works out - I had it manufactured in WSF and am casting it in pewter, delivery of the WSF model is due tomorrow. My concern is that WSF may not have enough detail to capture the design.

    Attached are images of a set of cufflinks I did using this technique - the cufflink is basically a coin / medal with a mount on the back - and the coin design I'm making. Note the cufflink was made in frosted ultra detail, and despite that you can still see quantization and coarse contouring on the horse's face.


  3. philatkin
    philatkin New Member
    Update - coin arrived today, WSF is nothing like detailed enough, will need to run these again in UFD.
  4. Jeavon24
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    Thanks for showing. That map plate looks pretty detailed already. Good job on that.