Twist Lock Connector For Transluscent Blind Cane

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    For a Visually Impaired and Blind (VIB) people road safety project I need a coupling to make the Transluscent Blind Cane collapse able.
    The lady who initiated the project wants the transluscent blind cane to be totally open source and composed of as standard as possible materials and technology.

    So I require the stl files and preferably the solid model design as well for open source further development.

    The project website is The name speaks for itself, the first prototypes are being tested in The Netherlands by VIB's.

    Specs in order of priority
    One single coupling that mates to itself very easily and lock by a twisting motion
    The connection has to be stiff, resistant to bending
    The design must be as slender and light as possible
    The product must be aesthetically pleasing (Wow factor to make the Blind Cane as impressive as possible and conversation piece)

    I intend to glue the connector to the 9.7 mm fibreglass reinforced pipe.

    For inspiration: the air hose connector below connects to itself


    The fibreglass reinforced pipe

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    Renders of 1st round model in PM