Tutorial: How to fix non-manifold issues

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    OK, lets try this again!

    Time and time again I see folks confronting the non-manifold monster. So instead of replying to the latest cry for help, I have written a detailed tutorial for fixing non-manifold issues with simple models. (Complex models may require another tutorial.)

    Changed document to .PDF as per ]BaRT's suggestion.

    http://www.wikkid-widgets.com/RepairingNon-manifoldmesheswit hBlender.pdf

    Download Blender from:

    Please feel free to suggest changes.

    WiKKiD Widgets

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    Super interesting, but I can't open the file (I'm using OpenOffice). A better format would be PDF, could you try that?


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    hi there.
    i was falowing this tutorial.
    but the file has no images.it only show squares.
    i opened it with Office Word 2007.
    can you upload a vercion with images. i can't see if i'm doing it right without them..
    thanks in advance.

    and great tutorial so far..
    even if you don't know anything about blender (like me) you can repair the model with this kind of tutorial :)
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    Please see first post for current version.
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