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    could you include some samples of 3D printed products that you designed, or link to your portfolio?


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    We just finish this. If you would like to see more of our works. Please email us at : info@sharpen3d.com

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    Hi All,

    Here is one more picture

    Sharpen 3D Solution
    Room 1701,NO.54, YuJingGang Road,
    ZhaBei District, Shanghai, China 200070
    M: +86 1832 1268 329
    Email: info@sharpen3d.com

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    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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    Thank you :)

    Here is the new one~
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    Nice work
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  8. Sharpen3D
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    A recent project for client. Still working on it ...
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  9. JasonWDR
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    Hi There,

    My name is Jason. I am looking for some to help me make a 3D model of Bruce Lee like this . I just read your profile and guess you might can help. What is the cost if I want to make it into a 3D model for printing.

    Bruce Lee.jpg
  10. Sharpen3D
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    Hi Jason,

    Thank for contacting us. We already assigned a designer for your project. He will contact you to discuss the project details soon.

    Sharpen 3D
  11. JasonWDR
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    Thank you very much. They already get the works done. Excellent job... :p
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    I just had a custom 3D model completed by Sharpen 3D and it was a very pleasant experience to work with this design company. I received a quality model in a mere few days and the final result looks just like I had pictured in my mind, not to mention this all for a very reasonable price. I was kept updated on the process all the way and revisions were applied quickly and accurately without any extra charges. They truly listen to what you say.

    I would highly recommend this company to any one who is looking for quick, professional but affordable CAD work. :)
  15. andricozach
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    Hi there! How much would it cost for you to design a case for each of the following phones (Individual price)

    Blackberry Bold 9900
    BB Curve 9820
    BB Curve 8520
    BB Curve 9320

    Thanks :)
  16. Sharpen3D
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    Hi ,

    Thank you for contacting.

    I just sent your a PM with price information. Please feel free to email us at :info@sharpen3d.com for more information.

    Thank you :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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    Thank you very much.
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    A video project 01
  20. Sharpen3D
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    A video project 02