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Discussion in 'Materials' started by click2detail, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. click2detail
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    Is there demand out there for a truly transparent material? (Or are we the only ones?). When we did our 3D printing in-house we used the Viper SLA with Somos Watershed XC11122 resin and it produced really spectacular clear parts. It wasn't cheap but it is worth it. The "transparent acrylic" (aka Objet VeroClear?) currently available on Shapeways is unsuitable when you really need clear parts. Is there enough demand out there to get the attention of the materials team and maybe make this available to us?

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  2. Shea_Design
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    I can get that material from another service and it is 3 times the price of the same part in silver! If those cost are typical I would not expect it to go mainstream here. -S
  3. hanelyp
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    Depending on geometry, a process might be attractive of
    - 3D printing
    - smoothing the print
    - making a mold with silicone
    - then casting acrylic.
    The silicone mold is the limiting factor on geometry here.
  4. MartinBoom
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    On that same note...
    i was thinking options to solve the "dome" of this fella.
    what Click2detail explains wouth be awsome. i see a lot of people requesting such a material. but im fairly new to shapeways to really get a sense of what goes arround community wise.


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  5. I for one would love a completely transparent material, BUT I don't think the cost of such material would allow it to be feasible.
  6. click2detail
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    Has Shapeways done a cost analysis to determine what they'd have to charge to make this worthwhile? Then float the price to the community and see if customers would pay the price. I'd expect that Shapeways has pricing power with vendors so their cost structure might make it feasible. Does anyone know of alternative transparent materials?
  7. click2detail
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    Certainly this can be done but it is one more step for the end user and will deter all but the most intrepid from buying a part to use as a pattern and casting the transparent piece.
  8. UniverseBecoming
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    A perfect clear could be offered as an option for Shapeways' machines that print Shapeways' High Definition Acrylate. I own a few of these SLA type machines and I can tell you that perfectly clear resin is not very expensive. It's like $90 US per liter retail. Shapeways could probably get a nice clear resin for thier SLA machines for something like $25 per liter if they shopped around and made a large wholesale purchase.
  9. afsupplies
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    I would love Shapeways to offer a transparent material, or even a smoked option.