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Discussion in 'Miniatures and Scale Models' started by Eltoxicdog, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Eltoxicdog
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    So I finally get the miniature sized right but when I ordered it, some of the small details like the eyes and mouth don't come through. Can any one give me some pointers?
  2. stonysmith
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    What material? What size? Pictures?
  3. Eltoxicdog
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    its a 28mm heroic scale miniature of Marie Rose from doa5 I wanna use in rumble slam. and the material was ultra high def frosted
  4. Eltoxicdog
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    this is the model.

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  5. Eltoxicdog
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    I ment to say the material is smoothest fine detail plastic.
  6. Roolz
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    One of the skills of a good sculptor is to adapt proportions of certain body parts for best visual perception, depending on the size/scale of the final object/statue. That's been true since ancient times, but now anyone can upscale/downscale a 3D file with a few clicks.

    For example, brutally downscaling a 150mm sculpt to 30mm can make some details & body parts barely visible. Similarly, upscaling a 30mm sculpt to 150mm can make them look ridiculously big (head, hands).

    That's probably the case here (sidenote : your model is not super clean, I see some undesirable polygons here and there).

    One option is to rework the 3D, another is to paint the eyes and mouth (freehand).
  7. Eltoxicdog
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    So make the head and other desired objects larger? Can you give me a ball park estimate?
  8. Roolz
    Roolz Well-Known Member
    Hard to say accurately, that depends on lots of things, style etc.

    You can try to slightly enlarge some body parts that disn't print out well, accentuate some sculpt details (heights and depths), or do both simultaneously.

    Maybe you can use Heroforge proportions as a rough guideline : If you take a look at the website, you'll see that the average character has oversized head, hands, and feet. Plus, the sculpt of the facial features is exagerated. However, the physical 30mm printed parts look fine.
  9. platonicgems
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    It will not print properly. Your .stl model in my app is 37m in height (Y). When I scaled it to 28mm I got the following:
    Width(X) = 0.557mm
    Height(Y) = 0.27mm
    Depth(Z) = 0.05mm

    Too small to be visible.
    You'll need to modify your model.
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  10. Eltoxicdog
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    I don't exactly understand what you mean by that. Also if it helps I got this model from someone else and then had someone else clean it up and resize it.
  11. Echoco
    Echoco Well-Known Member
    To put it simply, the model you have was not designed for 3D printing at that size. It was designed to be bigger and even though you can scale it down you wouldn't see some details present in the original.

    As Roolz said, the model needs to be designed with the scale in mind and details exaggerated. The details you said doesn't show were designed for bigger size and as platonicgems point out the eyes are extremely small at the rescaled size, you can't expect to see a 0.557mm detail with the naked eye even if the printer was capable of printing it.
  12. stannum
    stannum Well-Known Member
    0.557mm is visible to some people, there are rulers with half-mm marks. Even 0.27mm could be OKish. Some technical pencils load 0.3 leads. OTOH, 0.05mm ... probably missed in the surface roughness.
  13. Eltoxicdog
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    Hey I'd really like to thank all you guys for taking the time to help me out. Because otherwise I'd just be sitting here scratching my head about why this didn't work.
  14. Eltoxicdog
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    How much would I need to increase the head and hands by?
  15. southernnscale
    southernnscale Well-Known Member
    What scale are you trying to do it in?
  16. Eltoxicdog
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