Tron Legacy and my return to 3D

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  1. ptaczek
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    Hello everybody,

    I found about Shapeways a few days ago and I must say I really like the idea.
    I've been doing 3D extensively in between 1996 and 2002 using LightWave3D. In Czech Republic, where I live, I participated on a book LightWAVE 3D 5.6. I wrote chapters on inverse kinematics for the book which was published in 1999 by Cpress.

    Today I got back to 3D thanks to the Shapeways because nothing is more satisfying than a pure creation. And that's what's possible with 3D printing technologies now ;)

    I started my shop with my first piece: A Tron Legacy Byte model. If you're a fan of the Tron universe, then this is for you! Check it out at
  2. stonysmith
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    You need to be careful about using the name "Tron".. Disney and their lawyers will be all over you. Call it a Pointy Dodecahedron (or whatever the proper shape name is) and they can't complain. Use the name Tron... the lawyers will likely come visit you.
  3. ptaczek
    ptaczek New Member
    Tnx for good advice!
  4. Magic
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  5. ptaczek
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    Right :) Now try to tell to a movie fan, that you have this cool stellated rhombic dodecahedron for her or him :D