TriStand QR - iPhone 4 and 5 Cases with inbuilt Stands and QR Codes!!!

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    TriStand QR - iPhone 4 / 4S Case:
    TriStand QR - iPhone 5 Case: (will hopefully be an entry into the iPhone 5 Competition)
    These are improved versions of the 'TriStand iPhone Case' with 3D Printed QR Coded Business Cards! Check It Out!

    The Prototype should arrive in the next couple of weeks and it should go on sale shortly after.

    For those who want to notified about the exact release, I made a neat little Form to be on the Mailing List and I will email everyone when it goes on sale.

    Tell me what you think?
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    I've made a couple of renders, the colouring seems to have gone wrong somewhere in one of the individual part files however this will obviously not show up on the final product.
    View attachment Landscape 2 HiRes.bmp
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