TriStand QR - iPhone 4 and 5 Cases with Built In Stands and QR Coded Business Cards!

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    This is the successor to the TriStand iPhone Case called the TriStand QR available for both the iPhone 4 / 4S and the new iPhone 5.

    The TriStand QR is an iPhone case with flip out integrated stands that when used in different combinations produce very geometrically stable stands for the iPhone in 1 of 3 orientations as well as a customisable QR Code.

    What's changed?
    Well... To start with, the clipping mechanism has been completely redesigned to allow easier installation and removal of an iPhone 4 / 4S or iPhone 5 and also gives the case a much better look, slots have also been cut down the side of the case which fit with corresponding arms in two of the moving parts when the inbuilt stand is used in the landscape orientation, this locks the parts in place inhibiting movement that would have otherwise caused the case to collapse in the original version (it's more stable).

    The last and the most obvious change...
    The TriStand QR has a cutout in the case to add a Customised 3D Printed QR Code, QR Code stands for Quick Response Code and was initially invented for the manufacturing industry to track parts being produced, however today, these codes are popping up everywhere and are extremely useful; this code can have any information you want on it from plain text to a URL or a virtual business card. You can now exchange contact details using a simple barcode scanner on your smartphone by scanning this code. Blank covers are also available in a range of colours for those who do not want a QR Code on their case.

    I have just finished editing the customisation settings for the QR Codes and tweaking the design, this product is now on sale.

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    YouTube Video now Live Here!
    This design really shows off the capabilities of 3D Printing as a manufacturing technique, not only is this design manufactured by a 3D Printer, this design allows the whole product to be 3D Printed fully assembled in one piece, this means there is no need for product assembly; reducing the cost of manufacturing products and making them easier to produce, one step from manufacturing to packaging; thus showing 3D Printing as a very viable product manufacturing technique today.
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