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  1. roofoo
    roofoo Well-Known Member
    My tricycle arrived today! :D The wheels and pedals turn beautifully, the only thing that didn't work is the handlebars, they seem to be stuck in place, there must still be support material in the shaft connecting the front assembly to the main chassis. Any tips on how to remove powder from hard to reach areas?
    (EDIT): I did some gentle back-and-forth motions to the steering column, and it loosened the powder, so now the steering works perfectly. It's not as loose as I like, but good enough for now. :cool: 47

    tricycle1.jpg tricycle2.jpg tricycle3.jpg tricycle4.jpg tricycle5.jpg

    Video of it in action coming soon!
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  2. Fan-friggin'-tastic! Brilliant work.

    Only suggestion I can think of for the powder is to try getting some water in there. I'm not sure how soluble the powder is, but it might help loosen it up a bit. At least it shouldn't be able to do any harm. :p

  3. Shuggster
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    Really cute, I love it, I hope you manage to get all the moving parts free and you post up a video of it in action.
  4. roofoo
    roofoo Well-Known Member
    Thanks guys, all it took was some gentle back and forth motion to the steering column, and it loosened up. So now it works great! Yes, I will be shooting some video soon to upload.
  5. roofoo
    roofoo Well-Known Member
  6. Whystler
    Whystler New Member
    That's great!

  7. jeff
    jeff New Member
    Very nicely done. Thanks for the video! What was your clearence in the steering column? And how thin are the wires on the wheel?
  8. roofoo
    roofoo Well-Known Member
    Thanks Whystler!

    Jeff, Clearances were 0.6mm, the minimum Shapeways recommends. The wheel wires are 1mm thick.
  9. LincolnK
    LincolnK New Member
    Very very cool!

    Great seeing it move in the video too.
  10. Inlite
    Inlite New Member
    Amazing work! one of the best models Ive seen on shapeways
  11. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Very nice. What was this modelled in?

  12. roofoo
    roofoo Well-Known Member
    I started modeling it in Blender 2.49 then moved to 2.53.
  13. Shuggster
    Shuggster New Member
    The video looks great, it runs suprisingly smoothly nice work.