Triangulated Rings

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  1. archenemy76
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    When I made the Triangulated Cuffs a friend saw a photo and got excited thinking it was a ring... which of course got me working on a ring. ;) So after the first failed attempt I made a ring I was happy with which you can see below. Right now I've just added it to my etsy shop but eventually I will add it to shapeways as well.

    Triangulated _Ring_black3 copy.jpg

    Triangulated _Ring_white2 copy.jpg

    Triangulated _Ring_Black1 copy.jpg
  2. MichaelMueller
    MichaelMueller Well-Known Member
    Great work!
    Whats you impression about etsy? Would you recommend it to other shapeway users?

  3. archenemy76
    archenemy76 New Member
    Yes I think I would recommend Etsy to any shapeways designers as long as they are okay with putting A LOT of work into their shop. I'm still figuring things out myself but I've definitely noticed it takes a lot of work to get one's shop noticed and to get sales.

    And I think for those that hand finish their items (and can't do drop shipping) this is a really good option if you don't want to set up a shop on your own website. The fees are pretty reasonable.

  4. carine
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    These are beautiful! Once you add it to your shop we can definitely share your work more broadly.
  5. archenemy76
    archenemy76 New Member
    Small update to this design...

    I had been wanting to put these rings up for sale on Shapeways, but my prints had been coming back really inconsistent in quality so I didn't feel comfortable doing that until I had it worked out. At some point I figured out that print orientation seemed to have a lot to do with the quality issues (as I think others on Shapeways have pointed out with their own models). I found that one edge of the ring always came back looking worse than the other sides (and I'm assuming its the bottom level of the print?). Since I can't control orientation I decided to create a literal bounding box so that the actual item was safely printed inside and only the box edges would be affected. It seems to have worked with this ring being the best quality I've received so far...
    Triangulated_Ring_Giftbox1 copy.jpg

    I decided to make the minimal box both functional and a little fun by making it into a simple gift box.
    P.S. and now I'm FINALLY offering it for sale on Shapeways :) inimal-gift-box.html
  6. CharGyse
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    That's a nice idea - decorating the protective box so that it almost becomes the gift packaging.
  7. LincolnK
    LincolnK New Member
    That gift box idea is genius!


  8. Dragoman
    Dragoman New Member
    Indeed :p
  9. Alex_ADEdge
    Alex_ADEdge New Member
    Ha, very nice. As others have mentioned, the gift box is genius, and not just because it solved your quality problem!

    *Edit* And just a question about Etsy, I dont know a lot about selling on that site, but do you need to have the product already delivered to yourself in order to sell it? Or can you put the product on your Etsy profile/shop and then link to shapeways for the customer to make the purchase/order in some way?
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  10. archenemy76
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    @ Lincoln, CharGyse, Dragoman--- Thanks guys. :)

    @ borybosell you can find more info at my shapeways shop:

    @ AD-Edge with Etsy you always have to be the one shipping the product so even if it is "made to order" it has to come to you first, and then you ship it to the customer. Redirecting the customer to shapeways or anywhere else is against their terms of service (and I think they will basically shut down your shop if you did that). But a lot of people who don't /can't keep large quantities in stock do the "made to order" option and you just have to factor in the shipping cost from shapeways into the cost.

  11. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Just a note re selling on Etsy since I have been doing that for quite a while... (and thinking about stopping)

    Yes, as noted above you have to get the item shipped to you and then ship it to the customer. For me this REALLY kills profit and sales. Factoring in the outlandish fees I have to pay UPS at the door and then more cost to ship the product just doesn't result in a lot of sales. I can hand make a piece of jewellery in pure silver (which I do) and sell it cheaper than a piece in sterling silver that I've had made on Shapeways....

    Of course, if you are selling something really unique looking it's a bit easier to charge more since it can't be purchased elsewhere. BUT with that in mind don't sell a piece on Etsy for $100 AND sell the exact same piece in your Shapeways store for $45.... Your Etsy customer is gonna get real mad!