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  1. kichigai
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    I tried using the search function for the answer but I keep getting a page error. So I apologize if I overlooked this answer somewhere. ^_^;

    I absolutely love this place and I want to make more designs, but does the 3D model must be 100% quads? Would it be ok to have a few tri-polys?
  2. Hieron
    Hieron New Member
    Not 100% sure here, but I believe it should be all tri's. A quad is a badly defined (better, non defined :) ) surface.. so I'd say pure tri's is your best bet.

    My model didn't get accepted untill I tri'd it.. and to me that makes perfect sense.
  3. pete
    pete Shapeways Employee CEO & Co-Founder
    We accept models that contain both quads and tri's


    PS: Thanks for the compliment :cool: