"Tri-Infinity" Series of Silver ring and bangles

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    finally I have the photos ready of my ring and bracelet designs in silver. I am wearing the ring for months now nearly every day and just love it.


    So I decided to add two different types of bangles to the series, which are now also available.


    All silver models are available for sale, the ring can be customized in size.

    My the latest experiment is a print in alumide of the same shape as the ring, where I added an accurately shaped small ring to the model to use it as a pendant. I tumbled the print myself and the alumide got a fantastic, sparkling surface - regrettably difficult to see on the picture (I left it in the tumbler a bit too long, so some borders show this.)


    What do you think about these?

    (And no, the lizzards are no work of my own, I just fell in love with them in my decoration store and adore their color ...)


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