Treble clef rings

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by StuffBySteve, Feb 7, 2013.

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    That looks awesome :)
  3. Youknowwho4eva
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    Yes! Great design idea! :D

    What is the wall thickness on that though? It appears to have a minimum of 1 mm and a maximum of 1.5 mm. Yet, the design rules for stainless call for a minimum wall of 3 mm. I tend to shy away from designing for stainless cuz of this bulky wall constraint. But what you have printed here looks amazing! Am I not understanding something about the design rules for this material? I would love to know. :)
  5. StuffBySteve
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    Thanks everyone! :)

    The design tips give some more information on this, but I find that rings work well even when they're thin, since they support themselves well. The second ring is probably as thin as you can go no matter what, and it helps that the separate thin parts connect to each other often. It depends mostly on what you're making, and the size. Just try it, and see if it's accepted!

    Here's the measurements of the smaller one (bronze)
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    Thanks for the detailed reply! Yes, I'll try submitting something questionable and see what happens. :)
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    Yes, that wall thickness question was just what I was thinking myself. Very confusing as to what I see printed and the rejections I get. I would never have submitted this for printing in s/steel! You may be right in that being circular it helps, and the very thin part is quite short...

  8. StuffBySteve
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    It definitely makes a difference- if I submit it with the same dimensions, but flat instead of as a ring, it isn't printable in steel.
    Taking a quick look through your shop, I'd bet that things like your mask ring, hand ring, and Spartan helmet ring would be printable in steel.
  9. lensman
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    You could be right. I'll have to try them. I always print in silver which is not exactly the cheapest way to go!