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    Hi everyone,

    Need some advice on what material to use for the red colored bowl in a sanctuary lamp (as you can find in churches)
    The lamp in our local church has returned from conservation-restoration. Now the historic-preservation organisation, urges us to no longer use the classic-red-glass-bowl-with-candle, but instead use a lamp/led device. This is to prevent smoke from the candle damaging the silver artifact again.

    Hence the question: What 's the best material to use for this? Preferably it's red, so full color sandstone, but the FCS can hardly be called transparent... Translucent would do IF by some kind of polishing I could get it to have a 'shiny' look. Is this possible with full color sandstone?

    If FCS is an option: How thin do need to design the object to make it transparent/translucent (I agree that this would also depend on the power of the light within the bowl, but let's say for a classic 45W-60W light bulb...) I repeat: it will be a LED device but it can have enough light power.

    Any other ideas? Or do I need to go look for a plexi or polycarbonate solution?

    Thx for help, advice and time

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    Vacuumed formed red acrylic sheet. you could use a WSF model as the former.
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  3. pompopom
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Seems Shapeways isn't the place for that kind of production (besides the WSF model)

    Do you have experience with a good 'shapeways' like web-site where I can have such "Vacuumed formed red acrylic sheet" bowl produced?

    By the way: should I be thinking now of 2 halves that I have to glue together? Or is it possible to make that in one go?


    EDIT: Been looking around the www. Seems that vacuum forming can be done quiet easily at home... Maybe I 'll give it a try, but I guess that rules out the option to form the object in one go. So 2 models glued together will be the way to do it I guess.
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