Transforming Figure - h060101 Fast Mercy

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  1. tomyam
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    This work transforms into 2 forms wihtout having any parts removed. The product comes in a form of kit and can be easily assembled in "snap-fit" style with no adhesive. Please enjoy its sophisticated transformation mechanism in your hands!

    Designer: Tomoo Yamaji
    Material: White Strong & Flexible

    --- Background Story ---
    The main inspiration for this work is the idea of a "highly agile bodhisattva" helping people who have hit hard by events like the huge earthquake and tsunami occured in Japan back in March 2011. The work expresses the up-to-date bodhisattva that moves faster to bring mercy and relief to people. (Bodhisattva: One of the deities in Buddhism)

    --- Links ---
    Item Page on Shapeways
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    HENGE website
    HENGE by Tomoo Yamaji - facebook page

  2. CactusBones
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    This is awesome! I would love to see it painted.
  3. tomyam
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    To CactusBones: Thank you for your comment!
  4. cissell
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    that is so cool! Great concept!
    Is there a reason for the tree? I think they allow multiple pieces in one build, I've done it before. It would make it cheaper.
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  5. tomyam
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    To Cissell: Thank you for your comment! I am planning to create some new models (main bodies) using the same pedestal with different length of the shaft rod. That is why the main body and the pedestal are sold separately and the pencil need to be prepared by the customer.