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    Closeup.png Hello all.

    I'm looking for some advice on how to go about making a custom head for my TF Prime Revealer/Robots in Disguise Vehicon.

    I'm a bit of an army builder, and already have a small squad of car and jet Vehicons, but I'm looking to mod one of the cars into a Worker/Miner character.

    The main (if not only) difference between the regular Vehicon and the Miner is the head.

    Now I can either blunder about aimlessly with whatever 3D software I can find, or I can commission someone to help make it for me.

    Any takers? I'm completely new to Shapeways and have NO experience with 3Design at all. I can sketch and plan out the thing no problem, it's getting it into three dimensions that's the tricky part.
  2. HornetPrime
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    scan0001.jpg Here's a rough sketch of what I had in mind; I need to take another look at the back and underside of the head, but it's a 3mm ball socket in the neck.
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    PM sent