Tracking my sales on My Design page...where?

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by AotrsCommander, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. AotrsCommander
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    Forgive me for being apparently incredibly stupid, but where on the My Designs page is the invoices for stuff I've sold (as opposed to my own invoices)?

    I've sold a few things apparently (I only opened my shop on Thursday, so I'm still new at this!), but one of the emails from Shapeways didn't have any attachments (whether because it's my own model that I ordered - likely, as it came at the same time as the notification my order went into production - or an omission). I wanted to check up what I'd actually sold. According to the shops FAQ - assuming it's not out of date - it says the invoices for the things I've sold should appear on my designs page, as well as the emails.

    Is this information hidden somewhere that I've just missed in a typical display of incompetance, has that feature been since removed or is it something like it only will update once my first payment from Shapeways goes out?

    I'd be grateful if anyone could clarify this for me.
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    Y'know, I even looked there...*Sigh* Sometimes my own incompetance knows no bounds...!