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    Hey guys, i wanted to ask some of the experienced guys here for some advice and feedback, i'm a 3d character, hard surface and organic artist and i've been toying with an idea of making my toy brand, mainly for myself, but not without the possibility for a commercial application( minus marvin and the minion, these would only ever be personal use)

    i've a few designs here i was just wondering how well you think these would print, if i'd need to print them in multiple pieces, and if there's any areas that would pose a problem, i've asked about the marvin the martian before and i believe the feedback was regarding the gun, mainly the small sight on the front, im guessing it would be the same issue with the umbrella on Brian (the fat dude) :D any help would be greatly appreciated :)

    kind regards, V

    banana toy render 3.png

    marvin toy edited c.png


    rory update toy 2 test.png

    rory low.jpg

    toy test 6.png
  2. stonysmith
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    Good looking models there. I especially love Marvin. I've wanted to do one of those for years. I have an old, old WRL of Marvin, but alas, I can't seem to get any current-day program to load it properly.

    Watch out for "thin wires". Example: the legs of the bird(s) and the umbrella staff won't support the weight that you have above them.
    I don't see a problem with Marvin's gun as much as I do his thin arms. BUT.. this also depends upon how large you print the figurines. If you print them at 18" tall.. less problems, at 3".. much trickier.
  3. mkroeker
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    If you want these to be in color, the minion will probably be the only one that will work (if you make its gloves actually touch the floor for support) - the only available material for this is basically just superglued gypsum powder, very fragile out of the printer. Values for minimum thickness of "unsupported wires" can be found in the individual design guidelines under the Materials heading. Sometimes a thin part may print just fine but be destroyed during cleaning or general handling, especially if there is a weight on either end.
    (@stonysmith your old old wrl is probably VRML1, its first line should tell. If you cannot get tools like view3dscene to convert it, it may be possible if tedious to recode it manually as most of the difference in VRML2 is added redundancy in keywords)
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    Thanks for the reply guys! initially i was thinking of making these 6 or 7 inches tall, so i guess that fall's somewhere in between, for the umbrella i could always print the handle and the top part, and maybe use something else for the actual rod, make a hole in the handle and top and connect it that way, i'm not too familiar with the printing process, under the impression that it could be printed "solid" or essentially hollow with some thickness between the inner and outer "shell" but then with the solid approach would be heavier so again support problems for the lims. hmmm the only one really designed as a toy is the banana, but due to the cartoon nature again it has quite thin limbs, for the colouring, i would be open to just printing them in a plain colour and hand painting them, so taking you guys feedback in to consideration i'm thinking i either need to make the thin wires, i.e the supports like the legs or arms thicker, or come up with a way to add extra support, by either changing the design or adding some other element to it.

    interestingly i have an infinity figure sitting on my desk, the yoda to be exact, the saber is pretty robust plastic, feels as if it could support some weight, although the overall figure is pretty light the arms/legs on these modells would be atleast as thick if not thinker than the saber is on this thing, although im not sure what material or process these are made with
  5. Echoco
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    The bird and banana should print in WSF if the legs are at least 2mm thick. Might benefit from hollowing though, to keep weight and cost down.
  6. akiratang88
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    Nice models. From my experience very thin parts for example like hair strands, and possibly the banana peel skin off your character might not get printed correctly. Sandstone is also the only material at the moment that can print in colour, but isnt too forgiving for thin parts.