Tool for boolean union? rejected for being too high-poly

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  1. JeruL01
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    I have a very complicated mesh, modeled with subdivision surface poly-modeling, that consists of 180 shells (or independent polygon elements.

    At subdivision level 2, it weighs in at 3 million triangles.

    It has been rejected by shapeways due to it being "too high-poly for automatic unification".
    Apparently the mesh absolutely has to be one unified element in order to be printed correctly.

    I tried meshlab, but it seems there are no boolean unions available.
    In netfabb (free), it takes about 15 minutes to apply the unification, then the mesh shows up as blue in the viewport, and the tool gives me the choice to apply or discard the calculation. However, I can't apply it because I only have the free version.

    But does this mean that the unification was completed successfully? If so, there should be no reason for the mesh to be rejected, right?
    What other failure conditions are there for unification (and the printability check), and how can I reproduce them on my end?
  2. stop4stuff
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    I'm not 100% sure, but the limit for upload is 1,000,000 triangles (upload page, 'tips + guidelines' says 1,000,000 polygons, I think it means triangles)

    For intersecting meshes you'll also need to have a spare allowance for SW software to unify (make manifold) the meshes.

    There is a work-around for the total number of triangles, but (again) I'm not entirely sure if your model would need to be watertight to start with - see igh-Polygon-Models-with-Shapeways.html for more info.
  3. JeruL01
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    I know about the triangle limit and I have sent the file to the shapeways support as described in the blog entry you linked.

    The mesh is clean, has no holes, no bad edges, is closed and orientable, all according to netfabbs standard analysis.

    The boolean unification is working correctly in netfabb.

    So I guess what I am asking is: Which software is shapeways using to check if a model is printable or not? If I know, I can check the meshes myself and fix them accordingly, instead of them simply rejecting the file with no accurate description of the problem.
  4. stop4stuff
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    AFAIK, SW software is (or a derivative of) Magics. NetFabb works and is recommended by Shapeways for checking and repairing models... so if it works out in NetFabb, all is cool (or should be). Maybe give SW CS some time to check the model?

  5. virtox
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    Did you give netfabb cloud a try ?

    Has worked for me for the most troublesome meshes/models.

    I usually generates a single clean mesh. You can either then reduce triangles with meshlab, or use the high-poly workaround.

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  6. JeruL01
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    I tried uploading the mesh to netfabb cloud, but the progress bar is just stuck to almost full, even when nothing is uploading anymore. Tried with both firefox and opera.