Too Fragile For Size

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  1. Enkountor
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    I was wondering if anyone could give me some guidance on this part I am making. It is a necklace being printed in Silver. Below is the image sent by Shapeways and is kind of hard to understand what the dimension is pointing at.


    Here is the edited version of the part with the Min dimensions on the part. It is within the specified tolerance.


    I have also test printed this piece with ABS at school and it printed well, but I understand that the material is more fragile. I don't really want to increase the size as it is a necklace and is already quite big. I would like some guidance on making this printable without changing the design too much as it is supposed to look a certain way.
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  2. stop4stuff
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    By the looks of it the 0.634 measurement is on a wire.
    From Silver Design Guidelines
    Wires must be at least 0.8mm thick
    Wire frame models are difficult to print and are also fragile in silver. Since silver is less strong than steel, the product will deform when wearing the piece if the wire surface is too thin. It might also snap in the manufacturing process.

    If you've not already, reply to the email Shapeways sent and ask for clarification.

  3. AmLachDesigns
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    The Netfabb display shows the dimensions in the x, y and z directions but none of the 'wire' sections of your model follow these orientations. Thus these measurements are the projections of the actual width of the wire. Think hypotenuse vs adjacent or opposite.

    Since you already have a print, you can measure the actual thickness directly. Someone recommended a program (I;ve looked on the forums and can't find who, sorry) called 3d Tool Free, which I've started playing with. You can set up heat maps of wall thickness and this is good for visualisation.

    Also I would suspect that the model, if printed in silver at the dimensions you desire, would not be strong and would easily bend or possibly break.

    Good luck
  4. numarul7
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    You must redo the design with wire size 1 mm in mind. And i know that will take 2 days even more. But this i encountered when modeling a simple pendant to learn the drill. (Cause i got some on paper that are nasty in details)

    Or you can scale the model to fit the measures but then it will become to big to wear.

    So yes is hard but you must do it from start with the measure in mind.