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    I recently discovered your website and I am excited that this type of service is available to the public. But I have a question about the accuracy of the 3D printing.

    I would like to design a frame for an airborne R/C vehicle. What type of tolerances do your machines provide? For instance, if I had a hole that was about 1mm in diameter how close to that diameter would it be? +/-0.1mm,+/-0.01mm.

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  2. pete
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    Hi ICU!

    Cool! We share the same hobby, R/C planes. I would love to improve my glider with some parts, however have not found the time for it :-/

    As to accuracy, go for the Cream Robust. I have modelled some name tags for our office using this material and the had a very snug fit. It worked very well ! How accurate it is? Well I would say between 1mm and 0.1 mm, but I will check and get back to you ok?

  3. robert
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    The dimensional accuracy of our printers is ~100 micron.


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    Is this also true for the 'nylon printer' (SLS) or only for the objets?
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    It is applicable for all of our materials.


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