Tolerances for Strong & Flexible Plastics

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  1. bkhouw
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    Is there a table with tolerances for Strong & Flexible Plastics (White Polished)? For stuff like rotating parts, clicking a two part housing together etc?
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    If you're creating the model as one part with the moving parts built in, only the parts that can be reached by the polishing 'stones' will be polished - there's a video showing the polisher in action at 3D model polisher in action/

    There's some different tolerances for polished compared to plain S&F, mainly the wire & wall thicknesses and the max size 15 x 15 x 15cm
    Strong & Flexible design guidelines

    For moving parts, there's the advanced tutorials.
    Advanced: Designing mechanical parts, part I
    Advanced: Designing mechanical parts, part II

    And an overview as to hoe S&F performs at different printing sizes.
    Advanced: Design rules & Accuracy, part III

  3. bkhouw
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    Thanks for the links! I will check them out.