Tolerance And Shrinkage Factor 3d Printing

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  1. Hi community

    Yesterday I have tired to mount my 3D printed project, but unfortunately the expected distance of 118mm is 1.2mm too small and I can't place the screws. Most of my designed values are smaller (exp. diameter 60.5mm is 59.5mm / exp. diameter 8.8mm is 8.4mm, exp. hole distance 118mm is 116.8mm). I am not a big expert in 3D metal printing, but there should be a shrinkage factor which "expand" the STL with a factor "x".

    What is your experience? Shall I redisegn my file and extend the values manually so 3D the printing "output" fits to my physically part with cheated values?

    Thank you
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  3. Hi

    Thank you for your feedback and the "help" page. These are values I could work with, but 1.2mm are way too much. Lets see, what support does say.

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    I've been ordering in aluminum (perhaps 20 pieces by now), hole patterns of 20 holes inside a 5x25 mm rectangle. I haven't noticed any shrinkage. These are used to match CNC-milled glass pieces, and all holes seem to match, with no apparent accumulation of error for outer holes for the 25 mm dimension. If there was a 1.2mm deviation I would definitely notice and stop ordering from SW, but so far so food. My pieces are pretty flat and low, may be that's a factor (i.e. closer to the mounting platform?)
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