Titan Topographic Ring

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    Ok, so I've struggled on my own for a while to try to come up with a way to do this to no real avail. I've experimented with doing a wax mold and clay prototypes (anticipating trying to use PMC) and haven't been able to get the feeling I'm looking for - 3D printing seems feasible but I just have no idea if it's even possible...

    My fiance and I are huge space nerds and, as we're very long distance (different countries!) and not really even able legally to be together while visas are being processed, I wanted to be a little untraditional and get him a ring too.. I came up with the idea of trying to turn NASA images of Saturn's moon Titan into a topographical type of band ring for him - but I just can't make it work the way I'm wanting to and I'm just starting to think maybe it just can't be done.

    Here's the picture I'm going off of:
    Nasa's site
    And my own little cross-section from that image, just a result of me toying around with it. (I see it sort of as a depthmap - grooves obviously inlaid into the band - higher bits a little bit flatter)

    So, that's where (hopefully) you come in! Do you guys think it's possible with the limitations of 3D printing to do anything like this? It'd be in silver - and I wouldn't be opposed to taking another part of the picture, scaling it up or what have you I just want it to still be accurate..

    Again, no idea if it's doable - if you think it is and it works out I've no problem with commissioning it - I'm just at a loss for what I can possibly do.

    Thanks for any help or advice!
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