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    About me:

    First, my name is James Williams and I am the Lead Artist at Titan Art; a cheap and affordable 3D Outsourcing Company. I have several years of experience in a variety of creative fields including game design and product modeling. I currently specialize in producing high poly models for product developers, most of which happen to be automotive and inventions. This means that I see a ton of different concepts come across my desk. My turn around is as quick as the material is turned over to me.

    3D Modeling (low and high poly)
    2D Graphics
    Character Concepts

    Jackson Dawson
    Ford Motor Company
    Omega GT Racing (London)
    Levi (Interior Walkthrough)
    Dexsoft Games
    Ugly Wart Studios
    Mr. B's Soulfood

    Website: http://ndevgames.wordpress.com/
    (new site coming soon)

    TBD (Lower Rates for fixed prices)

    Payment Method:


    James Williams
    Titan Art Lead Artist
    Email: TitanArt@live.com

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