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    A friend of mine asked me to create a plastic mold to hold the balls, so I tell him I'll do my best but it will be my first time doing such a thing.

    I don't wanna fail, do you have any advise or tips?

    I recreate the back of the case (it was originally a recorder case) but it won't be printed, it was just to be more acurate.
    He couldn't tell me the size of the balls, I managed to find out they have a diameters of 74 mm. (I used a string, circumference/pi = diameter ^^)

    The mold I created is in blue.
    There's always a gap of 1 mm between the ball and the mold. Same for the mold and the case, there's a 1 mm gap.
    I even created a hollow space to hold the magnet (this one is large enough)

    I'll have to add thickness to the mold (actually it's 0), I guess 4mm should be OK to be strong and still soft if for some reasons it has to bend a bit when put inside the case, I guess he'll use glue to put it in place.

    Here are 2 renders I done...

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